P.U.M.A. MartialArts - Swindon, Wiltshire.

Martial arts classes
in Swindon, Yate & Bath

Whatever you’re looking for in life, from physical fitness to mental stimulation, P.U.M.A MartialArts can give you the discipline, respect and self-confidence to succeed in life.



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John Hughes, First Degree

“This is not about Tae Kwon Do in general but my experience of PUMA in particular.

Where else could middle aged parents learn skills and train alongside their children as they develop through childhood and adolescence into adulthood? Where the ideas of mutual respect are so clearly espoused, and experienced?
Where physical and mental challenges can be addressed, challenging oneself; but with the camaraderie of fellow students drawn from all walks of life never far away?

So not only a complement to our parenting style through the years, but an activity we continue to enjoy (and occasionally endure) as adults together.”

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