P.U.M.A. MartialArts - Swindon, Wiltshire.

Martial arts classes
in Swindon, Yate & Bath

Whatever you’re looking for in life, from physical fitness to mental stimulation, P.U.M.A MartialArts can give you the discipline, respect and self-confidence to succeed in life.



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"I took my son to try a P.U.M.A. Taekwon-Do class when he was 5 as at the time it was obvious that co-ordination, focus and concentration were not his natural strengths... 12 years later and I still think that getting him to that first class and persevering with keeping him there is one of the single best parenting decisions I have ever made!

He is now extremely athletic and loves exercise. He has competed for the National Team and the tenets of Taekwon-Do with which he grew up have helped shape his outlook and turn him into a confident, decent young man I am proud to call my son. 

Three years after he started I joined too and have never looked back! I simply love it. It has given me so much, not least of which it has strengthened the bond and common respect with my son as we will always have a shared love for Taekwon-Do and memories of training together. With a mentally demanding job, training is also my sanctuary from stress and helps redirect my focus from the pressures of the week. It challenges me in a different way to my work and helps me find the balance I need to be happy and content. 
On top of this, I have forged lifetime friendships, learned so much beyond 'new moves' and grown as a person in so many ways. It has become a way of life and one that I treasure no matter what path I take in the future.

Finally, Master Gayle is not only one of the best instructors you'll find but one of the nicest, most decent, natural, humble and down to earth human beings you can hope to cross paths with in your life. It is an honour and inspiration to train with him. 
So why not make that call and try that first class...it may just change your life...for good!”

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