Whatever you're looking for in life, from physical fitness to mental stimulation, Taekwon-Do offers something for you.

Young or old, male or female, Taekwon-Do can give you discipline, respect, and self-confidence. And it's not just for those who are already super-fit athletes! If you have the strength to move and the desire to learn, then you can benefit from what Taekwon-Do can deliver.

Catering For All

At PUMA we believe that Taekwon-Do is about so much more than competitions, trophies and "victory". That's why you'll be welcome here whatever your age, gender, or physical ability. You'll find yourself in a class with a group of like-minded individuals who will encourage and support your development as you train.

And whilst the lessons you take will be the same as everyone else, the goals you work towards will be your own. Perhaps you want to develop self-defence skills that will keep you safe from harm; or perhaps you just want to increase your overall level of fitness and give yourself a sense of physical well being. Taekwon-Do is perfectly suited to these aims, and you'll develop yourself in a safe, professional environment where you can be free to stretch yourself without fear of harm or failure.

Participate in Competitions

Of course, you may wish to improve your Taekwon-Do skills and enter local or national competitions – and our expert tuition and guidance will give you the perfect platform to do this too.

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Get fit, reduce stress and gain confidence through a Taekwon-Do school.